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Internationale Expertise und interkontinentale Präsenz

Somax Partners LLC has offices on the eastern seaboard of the United States as well as in Rhein-Main area of Germany, serving as the central axis along which European innovative expertise is channeled across the Atlantic to the US market. Our ability to offer our services in multiple languages (English, German, and Russian) coupled with a diverse team of both driven junior and experienced senior partners will help you successfully translate your concepts into market success on a truly global scale.
Wolfgang Oster, MD PhD
Managing Partner
Nicolas M. Oster, MA
Nadia Chirpalov, MA
Business Trainee
Wolfgang Oster has more than 25 years of transatlantic experience in the healthcare sector. He is board certified in internal medicine, hematology and oncology, and served as adjunct Professor at the Brown Medical School and as “Privatdozent” (lecturer) at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He is the author of over 100 publications and a recipient of the Johann Georg Zimmermann Award for Cancer Research.​​

In 1989, Wolfgang Oster joined the German Behringwerke (a corporation wholly owned by Hoechst), where he led global clinical programs and joint programs corporations. Under his leadership Behringwerke accomplished some of the first clinical and market introductions for recombinant DNA proteins, including GM-CSF, EPO and Enbrel. Subsequently he held the Chief Medical Officer position at U.S. BioScience and Board Memberships at USB Pharma Ltd and USB Pharma BV, and was instrumental in merging US BioScience into Medimmune. He also acted as the COO at NeoRx before he joined PolyTechnos Venture Partners as Managing Partner in 2002, where he guided multiple developments of drugs, diagnostics and medical devices from earliest stages to market introduction in all relevant global markets. At PolyTechnos he built a life science portfolio leading to multiple U.S. and European IPOs, including Devgen, Jerini, Addex, OMS, and Micrus, as well as trade sales, including BiPar, Jerini and Micrus.

Wolfgang Oster has been serving as Director including several Chairman positions on multiple Boards of Directors. Currently he is the CEO and Chairman of Oncoceutics, an Oncology company that he co-founded.
Max Oster bringt ein breites Spektrum an Expertise im geschäftlichen und internationalpolitischen Bereich mit sich. Er ist Doppelstaatsbürger und daher sowohl in den USA als auch in Deutschland ausgebildet worden. Herr Oster vertritt SOMAX PARTNERS in Europa an unserem Standort in Wiesbaden, im Herzen des Rhein-Main Gebiets. Desweiteren hat er bereits beeindruckende Arbeitserfahrungen in Sachen internationale Beziehungen und Geschäftswesen gesammelt. In Wien hat er seine beraterischen Kenntnisse bei KMA - Knowledge Management Associates GmbH vor allem im Bereich des Wissensmanagements eingesetzt, wo er aktiv an Beratungsprojekten mit Organisationen wie der OSZE (Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa) beteiligt war. Herr Oster hat auch in einer Reihe von nationalen und übernationalen Institutionen gearbeitet, u. a. für das amerikanische Generalkonsulat in Frankfurt/Main, die Europäische Kommissionsvertretung in Wien sowie die philippinische Botschaft in Wien, wo er vor allem in den Bereichen der politischen Berichterstattung, des Veranstaltungsmanagements und der multilateralen Zusammenarbeit (u. a. mit der UNO) tätig war. Nicht zuletzt hat er auch wichtige Kenntnisse im Bereich der Medizintechnik gesammelt, u. a. an Biotech-Firmen wie Cappella (Galway, Irland) und Hemacon GmbH (Düsseldorf).

Herr Oster schloss seine Schulausbildung an der Germantown Academy in Philadelphia ab, wo er als Empfänger des "Patriot Scholar" Stipendiums ausgezeichnet wurde. Sein Bachelor-Studium absolvierte er an der University of St Andrews in Großbritannien in den Fachbereichen internationale Beziehungen und Nahoststudien. Zuletzt schloss er ein Master-Programm an der Diplomatischen Akademie in Wien ab.
Thanks to her strong background in the economics and financial structures of Eastern Europe, Nadia Chirpalov assists SOMAX by conducting economic research and risk assessment of Eastern European markets, including business analyses for foreign-held companies. She has been supporting the company's operations in Europe and will be transitioning to the United States as a trainee starting in January 2018.

During her career in banking as Head Economist of the international department at CB Victoriabank, Moldova’s largest bank, Nadia’s work contributed to financing and furthering the activities of foreign companies in Moldova and Eastern Europe by offering funding strategies of various processing and issuing credit lines and letters of guarantee. Her engagement with the EU-funded project establishing the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement has put her in close cooperation with government ministries and economic actors, including financial donors and fund managers.

Nadia holds a joint-Bachelor in Business and Economics with Eastern European Studies from the University College London and a Master of Advanced International Studies (MAIS) from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

Peter Lewandowski
Senior Berater
Oliver Oechsle
Senior Berater
Peter Lewandowski is a professional journalist that has served as editor-in-chief of some of Germany’s most-read lifestyle and celebrity magazines, including Playboy, Maxim, and Gala. Additionally, he headed the department for "modern life" at Stern magazine. Peter is also an experienced consultant in the areas of team-building and personal coaching. He studied political sciences, history and communications at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.
Oliver Oechsle has managed and presided over a number of highly-successful consulting and investment companies, including Clere AG and Balda Investments Singapore Pte. Ltd. He earned a degree in aerospace engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Oliver is a weathered consultant with years of hands-on experience in various firms and fields.