Bridging the Transatlantic Gap

Somax Partners LLC was founded based on evidence that European pharmaceutical and biotech firms often fail to reach their full international market potential. One important reason for this performance gap is that business strategies are often insufficiently tailored to cultural interests and foreign market incentive systems. Our purpose lies in helping European companies exploit the abundance of research, funding and business opportunities available overseas by offering top-level expertise in corporate financial, legal and compliance matters. The US is the uncontested global leader in life sciences, grossing a total market value greater than the next six national markets combined. That is why we have chosen to set up a transatlantic market bridge aimed at bringing European medical products to the US pharmaceutical sector. Our sophisticated network of partners and advisors have all the international experience and business acumen necessary to help European companies establish a steady and successful presence in the US market.

Somax Partners LLC has offices in Philadelphia (pictured left) and Frankfurt/Main (pictured right)